The New Deputy Executive Director has Arrived.

As some of you might of heard, former Deputy Executive Director, Kieran Kirk, has been working on and off since January and one by one he has been resigning from his duties. As a result of his actions, I have no choice but to appointment a new Deputy Executive Director.

The new Deputy Executive Director, is none other than Mr. Jake N. Midwinter. Jake and I have been working on a lot of Court Marshalls-related projects since January and he has proved himself worthy of having leadership. He is committed, creative and fun to work with.

Here is what I sent to Mr. Midwinter:

I Mr. Bradley Jamie Simmons, Chief Executive Officer of Court Marshalls Universe, appoint thee Mr. Jake Nicolas Midwinter, Deputy Executive Director and my eventual successor of Court Marshalls Universe. 25/04/14.

The official tile is Deputy Executive Director, but may be refereed to as the following titles: Vice CEO, Deputy Director, Deputy Chief Executive Officer etc.

The same goes for my following titles. I may be referred to as such: CEO, Executive Director, Chief Executive Officer.

-Bradley Jamie Simmons.


About Franklin J. West

I am an actor, artist, Blogger, Tweeter and Facebooker!
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