Company Status and Project Updates

Company Status:

Due to lack of overall staff at Court Marshalls Universe and uncompleted projects, Court Marshalls will officially become a private company to finish such projects which are currently stuck in a Development and Production hell. This process will be effective as of Monday 2nd of June 2014 so it gives us time to prepare for this transition. Despite this, our Facebook Page, Twitter Account and Website/Blog will still be operating, just on a slightly spread schedule. 

If you have any questions, queries or comments, please let us know via our Contact Information page.

Project Updates:

As for the projects, development for Court Marshalls: A Day in the Life: – Season II, Court Marshalls: L.C.P.D. – Season III, Court Marshalls: L.C.P.D. – Season IV and The Walking Marshall will proceed. 

They are expected to be developed and produced in the following order, however, this is subject to change:

  1. Court Marshalls: L.C.P.D. – Season IV [Spring Block 2014]
  2. Court Marshalls: L.C.P.D. – Season III [Summer Block 2014]
  3. The Walking Marshall – Season I [Autumn Block 2014]
  4. Court Marshalls: A Day in the Life: – Season II [Winter Block 2014]



About Franklin J. West

I am an actor, artist, Blogger, Tweeter and Facebooker!
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