Re-naming and Future

CME | News Update:

We have acquired the small business of: The Bradley Star, a small newspaper company. We will keep you posted with any further updates.

Also, we have acquired Flashy Tactics, after it’s long hiatus and disuse after it’s failed marketing launch with GNI: Gaming News International, now known as G4N.

We will keep you updated as the CM Company is privatising and expanding.

CME | Naming Classifications:

  1. Court Marshalls – Meaning the first season in Court Marshalls Universe franchise. A.K.A Court Marshalls: The Early Days
  2. Court Marshalls Universe – The Franchise name including all the seasons and characters. A.K.A Seasons 1 – 5, The Walking Marshall, L.C.P.D., Frank West
  3. CM Enterprises – The company name. A.K.A the company that owns Court Marshalls Universe, Midmmons Movie Productions, The Bradley Star and Flashy Tactics.

About Franklin J. West

I am an actor, artist, Blogger, Tweeter and Facebooker!
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