History and Key Moments

Court Marshalls Enterprises, has had many people who have all been assigned certain jobs to carry out. Also, the timeline of events has been sorted into Iterations, and then into Phases.


Phase I, Iteration I – March 2013 – June 2013:

First iteration. The beginning of Court Marshalls, and first WhatsApp-based Season. CEO was Finn Murphy.

Phase II, Iteration II – June 2013 – September 2013:

Second iteration. Second WhatsApp-based Season, the first script and planning for future seasons. CEO was Kieran Kirk.

Phase III, Iteration III – September 2013 – 08 November 2013:

Third iteration. The second script, first spin-off, employee contracts, departments, re-branding, re-named to Court Marshalls Universe and game. CEO was Bradley Simmons.

Phase IV, Iteration III – 11 November 2013 – 27 December 2013:

The Board of Directors replace the three Senior Directors, new concept-art and logos, first script revealed, second script and spin-offs, Season III Episode I of VI was released, THE WALKING MARSHALL, Episode I was printed. CEO was Bradley Simmons.

Phase V, Iteration III – 30 December 2013 – 24 February 2014:

All employees received scripts, new Facebook page, acting/casting websites, over 20 scripts ready, in development or in production. CEO was Bradley Simmons.

Phase VI, Iteration IV – 24 February 2014 – 16 May 2014:

Fourth iteration. New cast and crew, partnership with Midmmons Movie Productions, Season III & Season IV development/production. The Walking Marshall and The Children of Time development/production. CEO was Bradley Simmons.

Phase VII, Iteration IV – 18 May 2014 – 04 April 2015:

Naming classifications, Wikia, Renamed, Acquired two small companies, The Bradley Star and Flashy Tactics, expanding and privatising. CEO was Bradley Simmons. Closure of the company.


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